Current Status of AT BUFFALO

2020-21 Goals

Currently in the midst of a fifth full draft with 38-40 songs total (completed, drafted, etc.), our team is working to finalize the libretto for another workshop production (2019) and then selection for full production by 2020. A full story synopsis is available upon request.


Major goals for 2019-2020 include:


1.    Completing the libretto

2.    Research and Development (R&D) trip to Togo, West Africa to finalize Darkest Africa soundscape

3.    Onboarding of an arranger/orchestrator and immersive theatre/emerging technologies designer

4.    R&D trip to Disney World with creative team, director, designers

5.    A workshop production with emerging technologies to test critical directorial and design concepts central to our storytelling; and to make the fair/archival material come to life as a character on the page and stage

6.   Full production 



AT BUFFALO is looking for funding support for our final R&D trips and producing partners to join our team as we enter a final phase of development toward…


  • workshops/development labs

  • and full production!

For support inquiries, contact:

Lead Artist Dr. Amma & Creative Producer Deadria Harrington at: