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A New Musical in Development
"When you enter the gates, you're part of the show."
-From an official handbook of the 1901 Buffalo, NY World's Fair

Lead Artist Dr. Amma presents on AT BUFFALO along with actors Jon-Michael Reese (W.E.B. DU BOIS), Melissa Joyner (MARY TALBERT),  and pianist Jeremy Robin Lyons at the April 2019 TED Conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photos taken by Ryan Lash/TED and Dion Lofton/TED.

It's 1901. Lynch mobs swarm the South. Blacks flee north in hopes of opportunity. Immigrants struggle to find their place. And the Pan-American Exposition, in the then-shining city of Buffalo, beckons all to glimpse a brighter future for America. AT BUFFALO is an immersive and evocative musical journey through conflicting performances of race in post-Civil War America, tracking historical figures through the tumult of the fair. 



AT BUFFALO is looking for producing partners to join our team as we enter a final phase of development toward full production!

For support inquiries, contact:

Lead Artist Dr. Amma & Creative Producer Deadria Harrington at: 

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