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At Buffalo 

The music. 



Music, Lyrics, and Archival Arrangements by:

Khalil Sullivan, Amma Y. Ghartey-Tagoe Kootin, and Joshua Williams

Archival Music Consultant: 

Professor Thomas Riis


Additional Music Contributions in Current Demo Recordings by Participants in AT BUFFALO Workshop processes, including Jeremy Robin Lyons, Nehemiah Luckett, and

Amy Osatinski. 


Black Theater Workshop (April 2011) at the University of California Berkeley; Photos by Anna Marie Panlilio

We Must, We are Unanimous

Scene: Mary Talbert and the Buffalo Black Educated Elite hold a protest meeting to be included in the 1901 Pan-American Exposition.
Vocals: Satya Chavez (lead), Kevin Vaught, and Tyra Dixon.
Instrumentation: MAD NOISE with Paul Shinn (piano)

Lyrics co-written with: Josephine Ayankoya

Recording Mixed by: Pharaoh Strong

Song recording directed by: Amy Osatinski and Khalil Sullivan

Recorded at: ATLAS Institute, CU-Boulder


Agoro Besie (Playtime will End) - Scratch Recording

Scene: Darkest Africa performer Kodwo decides to take his fate into his own hands.

Vocals: Neil-Tyrone Pritchard (lead), Tracey Conyers Lee, Janelle McDermoth, Jon-Michael Reese, Calvin Thompson

Instrumentation: Nehemiah Luckett (piano) and Kenneth Kootin (percussion)

Recording Mixed by: Full Tilt Music Group


$5 Dream (Wanna Do Right by You)

Scene: Old Plantation performers Tannie and Henrietta take a stroll on the fairgrounds and share their life's dreams with each other.
Vocals: Jon-Michael Reese and Janelle McDermoth
Instrumentation: Nehemiah Luckett (piano)

Recording Mixed by: Full Tilt Music Group


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